Conn Elkhart 6H trombone

Completely refurbished. Lacquer is 100%. Has the bronze outer slide tubes. Great playing horn. Original case. Slide is 9 out of 10.


King 3B Silversonic trombone

Excellent condition. Ready to take to a gig. Comes in an older style ProTec case. $1700.

Giardinelli tenor sackbut - SOLD

Like new condition. Yellow brass and nickel silver construction. Slide inners are unplated nickel silver. Slide action is surprisingly good. It's very playable. The sound is solid and consistent in all ranges. It's not the most authentic sackbut reproduction out there, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it on a gig. $800.

F cimbasso by Schoenbach

Antique rotary valve bass trombone in F. It has been modified with curved receiver tubes for an upright cimbasso configuration. It fits nicely on the chair between the player's legs. It had 3 valves originally. A 4th rotary valve has been added that lowers the pitch by a 4th. I would guess this to be early 20th century Eastern European make. This is not a modern cimbasso. The bore size is smaller than a present-day bass trombone. There are a few spots that were patched where the tubing had small cracks in it. It takes a regular large-shank trombone mouthpiece. $1200.

Bach 50B2 bass trombone modified by Larry Minick SOLD

Late 1980s vintage. Serial number 887**

Gold brass bell, lightweight nickel slide

Custom open wrap D-valve and original linkage by Minick

Removable leadpipe

This one is a real player. Beautiful warm sound and very responsive feel. Nice open blow in valve register. Excellent condition with just a few normal scratches that you'd expect on a vintage instrument. Slide and valves work perfectly. Original case in great condition except handle is taped where it started to come apart. $3500.

Earl Williams Model 6 trombone made in Los Angeles SOLD

Los Angeles Williams 6 .500 bore trombone in excellent original condition. No dents anywhere. Has its original lacquer (or what's left of it). Finish is worn and tarnished, but I did not want to change anything because this one plays like a dream - beautiful dark, rich sound. Slide action is a 10 out of 10. It does have a very small spot of chrome wear on one of the stockings which doesn't affect the slide action one bit. Original curled waterkey. No case. $3500.

Shires axial-flow bass trombone - SOLD

B12RLWT7 bell

B62YC slide

Shires independent axial-flow valve section (F-D tuning)

This is a gorgeous horn. The bell is in excellent condition and the finish is virtually perfect. The slide and valve section are in excellent condition but have a small amount of lacquer wear. Slide and valves work great. $4000.