I found this vintage Czech 4-valve oval baritone that I thought would be perfect for the polka band I play in. The bell has a nameplate soldered on that bears the name “FD. HORSKY”. Not a particularly valuable instrument, but it would be fun to play if I could bring it back from the dead. Obviously, it had been through the wringer. Besides having a bell that looked like a pretzel, this thing was literally full of dirt, and cobwebs, and who-knows-what. A chem-cleaning took care of that, and a lot of adjustments on the valves got them working well again. But the real problem was getting it back in shape:

Here's the bell after removing it and ironing out the many creases:

The leadpipe was a major issue as well. It had numerous holes in it which had been poorly patched, but I was able to rework it and get it back into shape. The baritone looks and plays nice now. Here's the result of my labor: