If you are looking to upgrade your stock trombone leadpipe, this product is for you. Because it is so close to where your lips are buzzing and producing the soundwave, the leadpipe has a huge effect on the sound and feel of the instrument. As far as modifications to your trombone, replacing the leadpipe is your best "bang for the buck" you can do. I have carefully measured and reproduced some of the best vintage pipes that stood the test of time as being outstanding. These are the same pipes that can be purchased at The Brass Ark. You can buy them there, or order here. All pipes are available in yellow brass, nickel silver, or seamed sheet metal (see below). The yellow brass gives clean, fast articulations, while the nickel silver gives a very powerful sound with good core and projection. They come with a brass ring and will work as a press-fit in most trombones. If you have a threaded receiver, I can add a threaded collar for Edwards/Getzen, Conn (and vintage Greenhoe), Shires, or Rath large shank trombones for $30 additional charge. If your original leadpipe is soldered in, you must have it pulled out by a professional, of course.

SEAMED LEADPIPES:  These are made from sheet metal which is brazed together and then formed. Available in yellow brass, copper, nickel silver, OR sterling silver. Seamed pipes provide a complex and aurally interesting sound with a very stable feel. Before the development of drawn tubing, all leadpipes were seamed. Making them is a skill that has been largely forgotton, and I'm not aware of anyone else who does this currently. Seamed pipes are much more difficult to produce than drawn pipes, but for a lot of players the difference in sound and feel makes it worthwhile.

Seamed copper pipes produce a warm sound but also with good projection. The brass seamed pipes provide complexity with a weighty and dense feel. I unfortunately no longer produce seamed nickel leadpipes. It is a much harder metal and too difficult to work with. However, the drawn nickel pipes I make have many of the same qualities as the seamed nickel pipes. The core and projection of the sound are outstanding. They are almost impossible to overblow. Response at soft volumes is excellent as well.

All pipes, including Conn copies, are made with standard morse taper (Bach style) receiver, unless discussed otherwise.

Pipe models are listed below, and more models are in the works!:


Yellow brass with press-fit ring: $160

Drawn nickel with press-fit ring: $205

Seamed copper with press-fit ring: $245

Seamed yellow brass with press-fit ring: $245

Seamed red brass with press-fit ring: $245

Seamed sterling silver with press-fit ring: $450

Threaded collar (specify trombone maker): Add $30

Note: Drawn red brass pipes are no longer available. I am now making seamed red brass pipes.

ORDER HERE: (Pipes are made per order. Current estimated completion time for orders is 2 weeks.)

Press Fit Leadpipe - options
Threaded ring Leadpipe - options

.562 BORE

1950 New York Bach 50 - Open venturi and a bit shorter than the Mt. Vernon pipe. Puts out a lot of sound without being "woofy".

Mount Vernon Bach 50 - Replica of an original pipe from a Mount Vernon era Bach. Tighter venturi gives a very focused sound with lots of core, ease of tone production, and consistency throughout all registers, without being stuffy or "blatty". The seamed copper option on this one is especially good.

Bert Herrick 62H - More open than the MV50. Here's Noah's description, which I think is spot on: "This pipe has a venturi that starts very early in the pipe, which gives a bit more point and sharpness on the sound. It's the perfect pipe for TIS (tuning in the slide) bass trombones that sometimes can be unfocused, this pipe will give you clarity in the middle and upper registers but still give that classic sizzle on the low range."

Olds George Roberts - Modeled after the George Roberts model bass trombone pipe. This one has an even larger venturi and is a bit shorter. It plays very open with a lot of "punch" in the lower register.

Holton TR185/Schatz Minick Replica (Schatz) - Custom made for Jack Schatz, NY Freelance Bass Trombonist, after his original Minick TR185 Custom leadpipe. "Lush, dark, rich and focused with lots of core".

.547 BORE

Holton TR156 Modeled after the classic Holton design, this one is in between the MV42 and 42 open sizes. Not stuffy, but easy playing high register.

Bach 42 Open -   Larger venturi for those who want a more open blow.

Mount Vernon Bach 42 -  Focused, powerful sound. Excellent slotting. This is a good replacement for your stock 8H/88H pipe if you feel your Conn is too "spread".

1919 Conn 8H - This is a copy of one of Noah's favorite classic pipes from his personal collection. The original is in red brass, as is this one. Select "seamed red brass" when ordering.

.525 BORE:

1964 Bach Mt Vernon 36 - Modeled from another great vintage pipe in Noah's collection.

1975 Bach Elkhart 36 - This one is from my own personal Bach. It has a tighter venturi for players who want more "zing" in their sound. Very solid high range.

.522 BORE:

1927 Conn 78H - Classic Conn medium bore sound.

1938 Conn 78H "long" - This is from another great Conn pipe of the same era. It's a bit longer and somewhat smaller venturi; even more focused sound.

.500 BORE:

Conn 32H "Burkle" - Colorful sound; easy tone production and flexibility; good high register; slots well. Good pipe for lead trombone.

.481 BORE:

King 2B 1938 Silver Sonic - Reproduction of a classic King 2B one piece leadpipe. Can also be made to fit .485 trombones if requested.


K&M Slokar copy for Chinese alto trombones - This is copied from an original one-piece Slokar leadpipe. The one piece design offers a smoother taper than the haphazardly put-together Chinese 2-piece pipes. Doesn't have a "lip" where the 2 parts solder together on the Chinese models. It's also longer. Intonation and focus are greatly improved with this pipe. Threaded to fit the standard Slokar alto copy made by Jinbao (AKA Selman). To order on-line, select "Threaded collar leadpipes" and select "Jinbao alto" as thread type.