EEb Contrabass Trombone:

Silver plated Conn 78H:

Before restoration:

After restoration; before silver plating:

King Silversonic -

Custom built F-wrap with copper tubing and Rotax valve:

Bach C trumpet refinished:

Second valve added to Conn 60H:

Custom tuning slide for Bach 42, crook and tubes hand made from sheet copper:




Split Trigger Conversion for Conn 62H:



Dent Removal:

Conn 88H restoration - details here:

Refinishing of a King 3B Silver Sonic

Olds Ambassador Cornet with satin finish

Refinished Bach 42B with Edwards Bell

Hand made crook guard for Conn 6H

Kanstul CR F-attachment configured to fit 88H with removable valve

Conversion of Bach 36B from closed-wrap to open-wrap

Conversion from string to miniball linkage:

More to come...