Brad Close Renaissance Sackbuts

All sackbuts are hand made with thin gauge brass. Bells are hand-hammered, burnished, and scraped. Inner slide tubes are of chrome-plated nickel. Third position bell (modern style). The more historically correct 4th position bell can be made if requested. I have tried to make the sound and feel of these as authentic as possible.

Sackbuts can be ordered from The Brass Ark Click on the "sackbuts" tab.

Eb Alto

Bb Tenor (after Drewelwecz)

Bass in F with pull to E (after Hainlein)

Bass in Eb with pull to D (after Ehe)

Sackbut mouthpieces:

Historical style mouthpieces with flat rim, bowl-shaped cup and sharp edge between cup and throat. All mouthpieces are $125 in raw brass or $160 in silver plate.


#1 - Wide rim, deep cup and large throat. Produces a dark sound.

#2 - Narrower rim, more shallow cup and smaller throat. Focused and colorful sound. Recommended for all around playing.

#3 - Smallest cup and throat. Brighter sound. Excellent high register.

Bass: Bigger rim diameter, cup, throat, and shank to fit bass sackbut.

Alto: Specifically designed to work with alto sackbut. Shank is smaller than the tenor mouthpieces.