Brad Close Renaissance Sackbuts

All sackbuts are hand made with thin gauge brass. Bells are hand-hammered, burnished, and scraped. Tubing is made from seamed and rolled sheet metal, except for slide tubes. Inner slide tubes are of chrome-plated nickel. Bell rim is hand engraved.The more historically correct 4th position bell is recommended for superior intonation and sound. Third position bell (modern style), can be made if requested. I have tried to make the sound and feel of these as authentic as possible.

Sackbut Prices:

Eb Alto Sackbut, after Hieronimus Starck $2800

Bb Tenor Sackbut, after Anton Drewelwecz $2800

Bass Sackbuts in F with pull to E, or in Eb with pull to D:

After Hainlein (larger bore) $3650

After Ehe (smaller bore) $3800

Classical Bells to fit with sackbut slides, after Schmied (on request) $1600 alto/tenor $1800 bass

Additional hand engraving on bell brace and connectors in the style of the originals: $350

Sterling silver bell kranz: $250 additional ($300 for bass sackbuts)

Tuning slides or tuning sleeves for A=430 or A=415 are available, as well as tortil (tuning crook between bell and slide). Please inquire as to price.

Eb Alto - after Hieronimus Starck, Nuremberg 1670

Optional Sterling Silver Kranz

Optional Full Engraving

Bb Tenor - after Anton Drewelwecz, 1595 (with full engraving)

With whole step crook

Bass - Hainlein model

Bass sackbuts can be made in F with pull to E, or Eb with pull to D.

Bass - Ehe model

Classical F bass bell - after Johann Joseph Schmied, Pfaffendorf 1785

Classical Eb Alto Bell - after Schmied

Sackbut mouthpieces:

Historical style mouthpieces with flat rim, bowl-shaped cup and sharp edge between cup and throat. All mouthpieces are $160 in raw brass or $200 in silver plate.


#1 - Wide rim, deep cup and large throat. Produces a dark sound.

#2 - Narrower rim, more shallow cup and smaller throat. Focused and colorful sound. Recommended for all around playing.

#3 - Smallest cup and throat. Brighter sound. Excellent high register.

Bass: Bigger rim diameter, cup, throat, and shank to fit bass sackbut.

Alto: Specifically designed to work with alto sackbut. Shank is smaller than the tenor mouthpieces.