SEAMED TUNING SLIDES: I am now offering hand-built tuning slides for Bach 42 or Conn 8H trombones. These are made from sheet metal which is brazed together, rolled over a mandrel, then hand bent to shape. Seamed tuning slides have a more consistent wall thickness than ordinary drawn slides. They offer better projection, a more consistent response, and more character to the sound. They are available braced, which improves stability of the sound and helps slotting, as well as providing a place to put the counterweight on straight horns, or unbraced, which are more free-blowing and resonant. Available in copper, yellow brass, or nickel. They have a durable baked epoxy finish.

NOTE: Unless otherwise requested, tuning slides come with standard yellow brass legs. The Bach tuning slide in the picture below has copper legs, which would cost extra.

Tuning slide without brace: $425

Tuning slide with brace: $475

Nickel silver tuning slide: Add $80

Seamed Copper, nickel silver, yellow brass, or red brass tuning slide legs: Add $80.

Tuning slides can be made for most other trombone models as well. Let me know what your needs are.

Braced copper tuning slide for Bach 42

BACH 42 DRAWN OPEN NECKPIPE: If you play a straight Bach 42 (no valve), you should know that the 42 uses the exact same neckpipe as the 36. This means there is a severe constriction in the bore immediately after the slide/bell connection, and is the main reason for Bach 42s that feel stuffy or tight. I have designed this neckpipe specifically for the Bach 42. It is more open than the stock neckpipe. It's available in copper or yellow brass. Copper provides a warmer, rounder sound with a very stable and consistent feel. Yellow brass offers sharper articulations and a brighter, more penetrating sound.

42 neckpipe (neckpipe part only) in copper or yellow brass: $150

Installation on your trombone: $100

Copper neckpipe as installed on Bach 42

SEAMED NECKPIPES: I can also produce seamed neckpipes, made from sheet metal, in yellow brass, copper, or nickel, for most trombone makes. Price would be $200, plus $100 if you need it installed on your trombone. Contact me with your needs and I'll let you know if I can do it.